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DIN/ PIN/ NPNGeneric NameBrand Name, Strength & Dosage FormMFRDrug Benefit Price or Unit PriceAmount MOH PaysInter- change- ableLimited UseThera- peutic Notes
02299372RAMIPRILRamipril Cap (Not a Benefit) 1.25mgRIAN/AN/AYESNONO
02308363RAMIPRILRamipril Cap 1.25mgSIV0.07080.0708YESNONO
02255316RAMIPRILRamipril Cap (Not a Benefit) 2.5mgRIAN/AN/AYESNONO
02287927RAMIPRILRamipril Cap 2.5mgSIV0.08170.0817YESNONO
02374846RAMIPRILRamipril Cap 2.5mgSAI0.08170.0817YESNONO
02374862RAMIPRILRamipril Cap 10mgSAI0.10340.1034YESNONO
02287935RAMIPRILRamipril Cap 5mgSIV0.08170.0817YESNONO
02374854RAMIPRILRamipril Cap 5mgSAI0.08170.0817YESNONO
02255332RAMIPRILRamipril Cap (Not a Benefit) 10mgRIAN/AN/AYESNONO
02287943RAMIPRILRamipril Cap 10mgSIV0.10340.1034YESNONO
02255324RAMIPRILRamipril Cap (Not a Benefit) 5mgRIAN/AN/AYESNONO