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DIN/ PIN/ NPNGeneric NameBrand Name, Strength & Dosage FormMFRDrug Benefit Price or Unit PriceAmount MOH PaysInter- change- ableLimited UseThera- peutic Notes
02223716AZITHROMYCINZithromax 100mg/5mL O/L-15mL PkPFI17.64158.8208YESNOYES
02223724AZITHROMYCINZithromax 200mg/5mL O/L-15mL PkPFI24.988512.4943YESNOYES
09857315AZITHROMYCINZithromax 200mg/5mL O/L-22.5mL PkPFI37.482818.7425YESNOYES
09857637AZITHROMYCINZithromax (Not a Benefit) 200mg/5mL O/L-37.5mL PkPFIN/AN/AYESNOYES
02212021AZITHROMYCINZithromax 250mg TabPFI5.43820.9410YESNOYES
02231143AZITHROMYCINZithromax (Not a Benefit) 600mg TabPFIN/AN/AYESNOYES