Therapeutic Note(s)

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NSAIDs have a high rate of serious adverse effects in the elderly. When prescribing NSAIDs, the minimal effective dose for the shortest period of time should be used. In nonspecific pain and/or osteoarthritis, in the absence of joint inflammation (swelling), acetaminophen is a better first choice for analgesia. The most effective treatment to prevent NSAID-gastritis is misoprostol; although H-2 antagonists, such as ranitidine or cimetidine, are commonly used, they are not as effective. NSAIDs can significantly aggravate hypertension and congestive heart failure; ASA in doses below 1 gram per day is a better choice than other NSAID options if anti-inflammatory effects are required in patients with these conditions. Low dose ASA has additional benefits for anti-platelet indications that are not provided by other NSAIDs, and should be given in preference or in addition to other NSAIDs for patients with vascular indications.