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DIN/ PIN/ NPNGeneric NameBrand Name, Strength & Dosage FormMFRDrug Benefit Price or Unit PriceAmount MOH PaysInter- change- ableLimited UseThera- peutic Notes
02325462ESTRADIOL 17-BVagifem 10 10mcg Vag Tab with ApplicatorNOO4.53944.5394NONONO
02333627GLUCAGON RDNA ORIGINGlucaGen HypoKit 1mg/Vial Inj Pd-Syr PkNOO108.3300108.3300NONONO
02333619GLUCAGON RDNA ORIGINGlucaGen 1mg/Vial Inj Pd-Vial PkNOO108.3300108.3300NONONO
02024217INSULIN (30% NEUTRAL & 70% ISOPHANE) HUMAN BIOSYNTHETICNovolin ge 30/70 1000U/10mL Inj Susp-10mL PkNOO24.970024.9700NONONO
09853812INSULIN (30% NEUTRAL & 70% ISOPHANE) HUMAN BIOSYNTHETICNovolin ge 30/70 Penfill 100U/mL Inj Susp-5x3mL PkNOO47.180047.1800NONONO
02024314INSULIN (40% NEUTRAL & 60% ISOPHANE) HUMAN BIOSYNTHETICNovolin ge 40/60 Penfill 100U/mL Inj Susp-5x3mL PkNOO47.520047.5200NONONO
02024322INSULIN (50% NEUTRAL & 50% ISOPHANE) HUMAN BIOSYNTHETICNovolin ge 50/50 Penfill 100U/mL Inj Susp-5x3mL PkNOO47.520047.5200NONONO
02024225INSULIN (ISOPHANE) HUMAN BIOSYNTHETICNovolin ge NPH 1000U/10mL Inj Susp-10mL PkNOO24.830024.8300NONONO
09853782INSULIN (ISOPHANE) HUMAN BIOSYNTHETICNovolin ge NPH Penfill 100U/mL Inj Susp-5x3mL PkNOO48.820048.8200NONONO
02245397INSULIN ASPARTNovoRapid 100U/mL Inj Sol-10mL PkNOO30.190030.1900NOYESNO
02244353INSULIN ASPARTNovoRapid Penfill 100U/mL Inj Sol-5x3mL PkNOO61.230061.2300NOYESNO
02377209INSULIN ASPARTNovoRapid FlexTouch 100U/mL Inj Sol-Prefil 5X3mL Pk Disposable PenNOO63.750063.7500NOYESNO
02265435INSULIN ASPART 30% & INSULIN ASPART PROTAMINE 70%NovoMix 30 Penfill 100U/mL Inj Susp-5x3mL PkNOO56.140056.1400NONONO
02467860INSULIN DEGLUDECTresiba 100U/mL Inj Sol-3X5mL Cart PkNOO111.5000111.5000NONONO
02467887INSULIN DEGLUDECTresiba 200U/mL Inj Sol-Flextouch Pref Pen 3x3mL PkNOO133.8000133.8000NONONO
02467879INSULIN DEGLUDECTresiba 100U/mL Inj Sol-Flextouch Pref Pen 5x3mL PkNOO111.5000111.5000NONONO
02271842INSULIN DETEMIRLevemir Penfill 100U/mL Inj Sol-5x3mL PkNOO110.4100110.4100NONONO
02412829INSULIN DETEMIRLevemir Flextouch 100U/mL Inj Sol-Pref Disp Pen 5X3mL PkNOO111.5000111.5000NONONO
02024233INSULIN HUMAN BIOSYNTHETICNovolin ge Toronto 1000U/10mL Inj Sol-10mL PkNOO24.280024.2800NONONO
09853774INSULIN HUMAN BIOSYNTHETICNovolin ge Toronto Penfill 100U/mL Inj Sol-5x3mL PkNOO47.680047.6800NONONO
02239926REPAGLINIDEGlucoNorm (Off-Formulary Interchangeable) 2mg TabNOON/AN/AYESNONO
02239925REPAGLINIDEGlucoNorm (Off-Formulary Interchangeable) 1mg TabNOON/AN/AYESNONO
02239924REPAGLINIDEGlucoNorm (Off-Formulary Interchangeable) 0.5mg TabNOON/AN/AYESNONO
02471477SEMAGLUTIDEOzempic 1.34mg/mL Inj Sol-Pref Pen 1.5mL PkNOO210.8700210.8700NONOYES
02471469SEMAGLUTIDEOzempic 1.34mg/mL Inj Sol-Pref Pen 3mL PkNOO210.8700210.8700NONOYES