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DIN/ PIN/ NPNGeneric NameBrand Name, Strength & Dosage FormMFRDrug Benefit Price or Unit PriceAmount MOH PaysInter- change- ableLimited UseThera- peutic Notes
02458640EDOXABANLixiana 15mg TabSEV2.93932.9393NOYESNO
02458659EDOXABANLixiana 30mg TabSEV2.93932.9393NOYESNO
02458667EDOXABANLixiana 60mg TabSEV2.93932.9393NOYESNO
02356422GLICLAZIDEDiamicron MR 60mg ER TabSEV0.27830.0632YESNONO
02242987GLICLAZIDEDiamicron MR 30mg SR TabSEV0.15470.0931YESNONO
00765996GLICLAZIDEDiamicron (Not a Benefit) 80mg TabSEVN/AN/AYESNONO
02179709INDAPAMIDELozide (Not a Benefit) 1.25mg TabSEVN/AN/AYESNONO
00564966INDAPAMIDELozide (Not a Benefit) 2.5mg TabSEVN/AN/AYESNONO
02459973IVABRADINE HCLLancora 5mg TabSEV0.89340.8934NOYESNO
02459981IVABRADINE HCLLancora 7.5mg TabSEV1.63391.6339NOYESNO
02451530PERINDOPRIL ARGININE & AMLODIPINE BESYLATEViacoram (Off-Formulary Interchangeable) 3.5mg & 2.5mg TabSEVN/AN/AYESNONO
02451549PERINDOPRIL ARGININE & AMLODIPINE BESYLATEViacoram (Off-Formulary Interchangeable) 7mg & 5mg TabSEVN/AN/AYESNONO
02451557PERINDOPRIL ARGININE & AMLODIPINE BESYLATEViacoram (Off-Formulary Interchangeable) 14mg & 10mg TabSEVN/AN/AYESNONO
02123274PERINDOPRIL ERBUMINECoversyl 2mg TabSEV0.73630.1632YESNONO
02123282PERINDOPRIL ERBUMINECoversyl 4mg TabSEV0.92170.2042YESNONO
02246624PERINDOPRIL ERBUMINECoversyl 8mg TabSEV1.29070.2831YESNONO
02246569PERINDOPRIL ERBUMINE & INDAPAMIDECoversyl Plus 4mg & 1.25mg TabSEV1.14200.2556YESNONO
02321653PERINDOPRIL ERBUMINE & INDAPAMIDECoversyl Plus HD 8mg & 2.5mg TabSEV1.29070.2859YESNONO
02246568PERINDOPRIL ERBUMINE & INDAPAMIDECoversyl Plus LD 2mg & 0.625mg TabSEV0.96000.4227YESNONO