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DIN/ PIN/ NPNGeneric NameBrand Name, Strength & Dosage FormMFRDrug Benefit Price or Unit PriceAmount MOHLTC PaysInter- change- ableLimited UseThera- peutic Notes
02298813APREPITANTEmend Tri-Pack 125mg & 80mg CapMEK102.8500102.8500NOYESNO
02374803ASENAPINESaphris 5mg SL TabMEK1.52931.5293NONOYES
02374811ASENAPINESaphris 10mg SL TabMEK1.52931.5293NONOYES
02451131ELBASVIR & GRAZOPREVIRZepatier 50mg & 100mg TabMEK666.9400666.9400NOYESNO
02240351EPTIFIBATIDEIntegrilin (Off-Formulary Interchangeable) 0.75mg/mL 100mL Vial PkMEKN/AN/AYESNONO
02240352EPTIFIBATIDEIntegrilin (Off-Formulary Interchangeable) 2mg/mL 10mL Vial PkMEKN/AN/AYESNONO
02238675INTERFERON ALFA-2BIntron A 10,000,000U/mL Inj Sol-ready to use 1mg Vial PkMEK121.5300121.5300NOYESNO
09854053INTERFERON ALFA-2BIntron A 10,000,000U/mL Inj Sol-ready to use 2.5mL Vial PkMEK303.8300303.8300NOYESNO
02238674INTERFERON ALFA-2BIntron A 6,000,000U/mL Inj Sol-ready to use 3mL Vial PkMEK218.7600218.7600NOYESNO
02416794METFORMIN & SITAGLIPTINJanumet XR 1000mg & 50mg ER TabMEK1.68371.6837NONOYES
02416786METFORMIN & SITAGLIPTINJanumet XR 500mg & 50mg ER TabMEK1.68371.6837NONOYES
02416808METFORMIN & SITAGLIPTINJanumet XR 1000mg & 100mg ER TabMEK3.36743.3674NONOYES
02333864METFORMIN & SITAGLIPTINJanumet 850mg & 50mg TabMEK1.68371.6837NONOYES
02333872METFORMIN & SITAGLIPTINJanumet 1000mg & 50mg TabMEK1.68371.6837NONOYES
02333856METFORMIN & SITAGLIPTINJanumet 500mg & 50mg TabMEK1.68371.6837NONOYES
02238465MOMETASONE FUROATENasonex (Off-Formulary Interchangeable) 50mcg/Dose Nas Sp-140 Dose PkMEKN/AN/AYESNOYES
02243596MOMETASONE FUROATEAsmanex Twisthaler 400mcg/Metered Dose Pd Inh-30 Dose PkMEK37.700037.7000NONOYES
09857431MOMETASONE FUROATEAsmanex Twisthaler 400mcg/Metered Dose Pd Inh-60 Dose PkMEK75.400075.4000NONOYES
02243595MOMETASONE FUROATEAsmanex Twisthaler 200mcg/Metered Dose Pd Inh-60 Dose PkMEK37.700037.7000NONOYES
02361760MOMETASONE FUROATE & FORMOTEROL FUMARATE DIHYDRATEZenhale 200mcg & 5mcg Metered Dose Inh-120 Dose PkMEK115.1300115.1300NOYESNO
02361752MOMETASONE FUROATE & FORMOTEROL FUMARATE DIHYDRATEZenhale 100mcg & 5mcg Metered Dose Inh-120 Dose PkMEK95.000095.0000NOYESNO
02238216MONTELUKAST SODIUMSingulair (Off-Formulary Interchangeable) 5mg Chew TabMEKN/AN/AYESNONO
02247997MONTELUKAST SODIUMSingulair (Off-Formulary Interchangeable) 4mg Gran PkMEKN/AN/AYESNONO
02238217MONTELUKAST SODIUMSingulair (Off-Formulary Interchangeable) 10mg TabMEKN/AN/AYESNONO
02166704PROGESTERONEPrometrium (Off-Formulary Interchangeable) 100mg CapMEKN/AN/AYESNONO
02465337RALTEGRAVIR POTASSIUMIsentress HD 600mg TabMEK14.030114.0301NONOYES
02240519RIZATRIPTANMaxalt RPD (Off-Formulary Interchangeable) 10mg Orally Disintegrating TabMEK19.885411.1650YESNONO
02240518RIZATRIPTANMaxalt RPD (Off-Formulary Interchangeable) 5mg Orally Disintegrating TabMEK19.885411.1650YESNONO