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DIN/ PIN/ NPNGeneric NameBrand Name, Strength & Dosage FormMFRDrug Benefit Price or Unit PriceAmount MOH PaysInter- change- ableLimited UseThera- peutic Notes
02216205DORZOLAMIDE HCLTrusopt 2% Oph SolELV5.67001.4757YESYESNO
02240113DORZOLAMIDE HCL & TIMOLOL MALEATECosopt 2% & 0.5% Oph SolELV8.94202.0951YESYESNO
02258692DORZOLAMIDE HCL & TIMOLOL MALEATECosopt Preservative free 2% & 0.5% Oph Sol-0.2mL PkELV0.77150.7715NOYESNO
02470322METHYLPHENIDATE HCLFoquest 55mg CR CapELV3.75803.7580NONOYES
02470330METHYLPHENIDATE HCLFoquest 70mg CR CapELV4.18804.1880NONOYES
02470349METHYLPHENIDATE HCLFoquest 85mg CR CapELV4.60804.6080NONOYES
02470314METHYLPHENIDATE HCLFoquest 45mg CR CapELV3.47253.4725NONOYES
02470306METHYLPHENIDATE HCLFoquest 35mg CR CapELV3.19503.1950NONOYES
02470292METHYLPHENIDATE HCLFoquest 25mg CR CapELV2.90502.9050NONOYES
02470357METHYLPHENIDATE HCLFoquest 100mg CR CapELV5.02305.0230NONOYES
02277131METHYLPHENIDATE HCLBiphentin 15mg ER CapELV1.33701.3370NONOYES
02277158METHYLPHENIDATE HCLBiphentin 20mg ER CapELV1.72301.7230NONOYES
02277174METHYLPHENIDATE HCLBiphentin 30mg ER CapELV2.36752.3675NONOYES
02277182METHYLPHENIDATE HCLBiphentin 40mg ER CapELV3.01603.0160NONOYES
02277190METHYLPHENIDATE HCLBiphentin 50mg ER CapELV3.66003.6600NONOYES
02277204METHYLPHENIDATE HCLBiphentin 60mg ER CapELV4.25904.2590NONOYES
02277212METHYLPHENIDATE HCLBiphentin 80mg ER CapELV5.61505.6150NONOYES
02277166METHYLPHENIDATE HCLBiphentin 10mg ER CapELV0.93240.9324NONOYES
02014165THEOPHYLLINE ANHYDROUSUniphyl (Not a Benefit) 400mg SR TabELVN/AN/AYESNONO
02014181THEOPHYLLINE ANHYDROUSUniphyl (Not a Benefit) 600mg SR TabELVN/AN/AYESNONO
02171899TIMOLOL MALEATETimoptic-XE 0.5% Oph Gellan SolELV8.44003.5320YESNOYES
00451207TIMOLOL MALEATETimoptic 0.5% Oph SolELV6.60901.2145YESNOYES